21 February 2007

Hyped: Music Video Drawing

Here's a series of images showing my progress with some animated clips (very limited animation with Photoshop layers) for my friend Woody's music video. He's launched a new label Chaos Theory Music and it's been well-received so far with some attention from news and radio outlets. The song is called "Hyped" which explains all the "Hype" signs everywhere. Pardon my limited color application. The drawing was conceived and executed on a very short schedule. I hope the video editor can work some magic with it.

The song's about the good and bad of hype, so I thought I'd say my two cents about how hype with all it's flash can make the rest of the world seem a dull grey. The left side of the drawing definitely resorts to some cliche shorthand for West Coast with the palms and lights into the sky, but some of you Midwesterners might recognize the Sears Tower as you pan right and hidden under the large "HYPE" sign on the right is an approximation of the Empire State Building. Had I more time, I would have fleshed out the morning sky panel with full colors to let people know when the lights turn off and the sun comes up all the full colors start to come out. Alas, time has not allowed me to complete the thought. I hope you enjoy the drawings anyway.

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06 February 2007

Basketball Shoes, Manta Rays & Basking Sharks

Sometimes I am able to draw things that actually animate (props and, on rare occasions, characters). Here's some models for Dack's spacecraft from "Men in Black: The Series" season two when Kay and Jay travel to space station. I also designed a cockpit-shifting landing configuration that turned out to be unused because we only see the ship docked to the space station. The original idea started out resembling a basketball shoe and somehow ended up here.

The larger scale, flying wing type plane is a ridiculously large ship (I estimated the wingspan as needing to be over 1000 feet) from the CGI modeled "Max Steel". The premise of the show was a giant plane that flew within an artificially generated cloud and literally swallowed other, high-tech aircraft. I didn't end up finishing out the open dock sequence, but the concept was based on some photos I'd seen of basking sharks and manta rays. I envisioned the backside venting open like a basking shark's gills open up to allow water flow through its gaping mouth.

It's nice to be able to design different things sometimes, but it made me appreciate the difficulty of balancing shapes, design with what can animate well, not that I ever really got a sense of how well they translated onto screen, but it was fun trying.

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02 February 2007

The Batman: Season Four: Main Title

With the addition of Robin for the fourth season, the powers that be decided it was time to include him in the main title sequence. So, they had me crank out this upshot to eye level pan of some Gotham City buildings. Considering the quick turnaround, I was pretty happy with the results. The colors add a lot to the mood of the piece. The line art was also used for the long sleeve crew shirt (white and grey lines over black) to go along with the orange prisoner in Arkham Asylum short sleeve.

It's been a long time since they've aired those Season Four episodes. The last new one I saw was the sixth one, "The Breakout" which was a play on that stuck inside the Police station film with Ethan Hawke and Laurence Fishburne. I believe the seventh one is the much anticipated future Gotham City episode that features Nightwing, Oracle and a Mr. Freeze with heavy prosthetic enhancements, not to mention a sweet Bat Tank designed by Byron Penaranda, our lead Prop Designer. According to the schedule, it will air Saturday, February 3, 2007 at the same Bat Time on the same Bat Channel.

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