29 December 2006

Teen Titans: Season One: Colored BGs

Here's three colored backgrounds from "Teen Titans" Season One. The Ops Room is a stock model where the Titans spend most of their time inside the T-Tower. The jungle scene was from the Mad Mod episode when they think there's a way out of his classroom prison. It appeared again in the second Control Freak episode (the popular among my friends, "Hakjoon Kang" chant episode). Finally, Rancid City is the city under the influence of Johnny Rancid. All of my line art was beautifully rendered by the background color crew, which at the time consisted of Chu-Hui Song and Kersti Myberg.

The Rancid City was drawn with shadow and texture using a technique I discovered in second grade when I colored The Great Pyramids over a rough surface to give it a rougher grain than the paper provided. All the textures you see in the other pieces were digitally rendered in by the colorists. Chu-Hui actually spent quite a bit of time generating the brushes from a series of paint strokes on hot press illustration board.

Glen Murakami and Eric Canete recently dropped by the new office, and Glen mentioned how he'd watched one of his (and my) favorites Tadahiro Uesugi do his very undigital looking digital paintings. His art was one of the stronger influences on Glen's art direction for "Teen Titans" Apparently, Uesugi also makes custom brushes in Photoshop, but he does it digitally. If I heard Glen correctly, Uesugi makes unique brushes for each piece and then takes those brushes to do a value composition that he refines and eventually gives an overall hue. He then takes parts of the piece and further distinguishes the colors from there. I could never have guessed that approach from what I've seen, but you can't argue with the beautiful results.

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Anonymous coolcat J. said...

awesome! i hope i can one day draw backgrounds as good as this! i always think backgrounds are troublesome though V_V;

its all so colorful. i love all of them very much!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007 4:07:00 PM  

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