30 January 2006

Teen Titans: Launch Pad

Here's where the Titan's T-Ship is launched into space, beautifully colored by the BG paint crew. The ship was designed by Norm Ryang. It was cool to see it made into a toy. It's rare that a background element gets made into a toy, however, one of the 1.5-inch figure series includes a T-Tower that can be completed by collecting all three sets in the series. Also, Ben bought the giant tower toy, so I can no longer maintain that my designs never get made into toys. In any case, Norm has a post with another view I did of the launch pad (scroll down to T-Sub Layout).

NOTE: While the ship was originally designed as a submarine for the Aqualad episode, this launch pad appeared in the Starfire transforms and runs away, so everyone flies into space looking for her episode. So, the sub became a space ship. I'll post the launch tube for the submarine mode another time.


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