30 December 2005

Kenya: DVD Cover

Here's the cover I designed for the DVD of slideshows and interviews I'm still trying to finish up for my roommate Charles and a group of people from NewSong. They spent two weeks in Africa volunteering at HCI-Kenya (Homeless Children International). The team adopted the nickname "X-Men", so each individual also chose one hero to be for the training and trip (I know it sounds kinda geeky, but I'm sure it allowed for a bit more fun than some of the other missions teams).

Ofivinite: Illustration Only

Here's the illustration sans brick wall (which was also a stock photo from iStock).

Ofivinite: Alien

This illustration was based on a concept by my friend Marco. He had some ideas to promote Ofivinite, a musical event he's helping plan with some others from NewSongLA. The idea that I liked was an alien fishing in a body of water that resembled space. I let the idea brew for a few days as I sketched out some ideas, but the actual execution took a few hours thanks to a plethora of great images from the Hubble Site. The starry pool is an collage of 5-6 Hubble images along with a stock photo of the water ripple from iStockPhoto (a decent but very reasonably priced source for them). I drew the original line art of the fly fishing alien, complete with four three-fingered arms and tentacled legs, on an 11"X17" paper, my usual drawing size.

29 December 2005

Edwin Gale: Concept

Edwin Gale involved a city where a meteor struck and altered the lives of all who lived there, but they all continued on as if nothing happened (kinda like season one of Smallville, as misguided as that Kryptonite-freak-of-the-week approach was). I loved the idea of the actually geography being altered with all the buildings being tilted and city hall unrestored but shored up with planks. I don't even know if the show went into production, but I was never asked to more than these and a couple of line drawing versions. Regardless, the notion resonated with me, as it is often how many of us choose to handle life's difficulties and unexpected turns.

28 December 2005

Teen Titans: Glen's Comicon Drawing

As I mentioned, I liked our take on the Titans. Here's a drawing Glen did for San Diego Comicon colored by our own Chris Hooten.

Teen Titans: Tower Concepts

As promised, the never-seen-by-anyone-outside-the-crew "t" tower. Since George Perez always drew the Teen Titans looking much older than actual teenagers (especially Starfire), it didn't occur to me that a blocky, corporate "T" would not be the building of choice for a bunch of teenagers. Our show never really got into how 5 teens have their own island and building, but during the design process I figured, if they had any say in its design, the Titans would prefer a small "t" along with a halfpipe (as the show developed, video games and eating turned out to be the activities of choice; two of my personal favorites). In addition to exploring uppercase and lowercase, I played with the idea of serifs. I have about 25 more variations, which I'll post later. I give much due respect to what Marv Wolfman & George Perez did along with what Walt Simonson, one of my all time favorites, did in one of my first comics, "X-Men/Teen Titans". Overall, I still favor what Glen and the crew came up with during (see Glen's postcard above) our five season run. Look out for direct to video release of the team's adventure in Tokyo in 2006 along with the video game (the GBA version is pretty fun, especially using the powers of the individual Titans). We got a preview of what the game will be like on the PS2, and we were all really excited and impressed by what we saw.

25 December 2005

Teen Titans: Tower Exterior

This remains one of my favorite drawings for Teen Titans. It's pretty close to the final that appears just about every episode, but a bit of the 70s styling that Glen originally had us consider in the early designs was lost in the inking. I'm very thankful I've had opportunities to draw things I grew up with, like the T-Tower. I also got to draw the X-Mansion in an issue of X-Men that I helped Jeff draw (#49 which introduced Jeff's take on Bishop's outfit). There are quite a number of alternate designs for the T-Tower that I will post someday including a crew favorite small "t" with a half pipe at the base of the building. They ultimately went for the more iconic and recognizable "T" shape, but it's also understandable since the "t" doesn't read the same from both sides.

Teen Titans: Outdoor Mall

I really enjoyed designing this outdoor mall for the Mother Mae-Eye episode of season 4 (257-503: aired 25 Jun 2005). I believe I was heading into a week off to attend some weddings in Chicago (where I grew up), so I was bummed I didn't get to clean up the final, but Ken Yi did a good job with it.

Jackie Chan: Style Concepts

I don't think I ever appear in the credits, but I worked on the early visual development of the long running Jackie Chan Adventures. You can see traces of what ended up being the actual style in the version that was also inked on this image.

Big Guy & Rusty: Launch Bay

It was fun roughing out this view of the launch bay including the Big Guy's streamline era style aircraft in its dock, which I'd admired from the comics. The hangar was inside an aircraft carrier, so researching those floating cities was interesting as well.

Big Guy & Rusty: Darrow Base Wireframe

"The Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot" by Geoff Darrow was made into a show produced by Sony Animation while I was there and aired for about 6 episodes before it was pulled never to be seen on TV again. I've only heard rumors as to what prompted this ill fate, but it was a shame to know that the other 34 episodes went to waste.

Jumanji: The Series: Inside a Tent

This is where I got my start in animation. I think it was good to get on this show instead of a more realistically drawn one, because the focus was more on style and composition, things you'd learn from a more formal training, which I lacked.